Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research (SNS Lab)


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The Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research (SNS Lab) is a research center funded through generous support by Branco Weiss, the University of Zurich, and the University Hospital Zurich.

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Researchers at this interdisciplinary laboratory explore the biological mechanisms that underlie decision making by combining cutting-edge brain imaging technologies with non-invasive brain stimulation, neuropharmacology, and computational modeling. The laboratory is located in a custom-built section of the MR Centre at the University Hospital Zurich and is equipped with research-dedicated facilities for fMRI, brain stimulation, behavioral measurements, EEG, and pharmacological manipulations.

Reflecting its interdisciplinarity, the laboratory is closely intertwined with the University Research Priority Program on the Foundations of Human Social Behavior and the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich. The laboratory also maintains strong collaborative links with the Divisions of Bioimaging and MRI Technology at the ETH-UZH Institute for Biomedical Engineering.